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We are currently accepting applications for ages 4 years 9 months - 12 years. Please complete the following steps to begin the application process, which will help us determine if our learning environment is a good fit for your family. We have limited openings for the studio, so we encourage families to apply soon! ๐Ÿ˜€

The annual tuition is $14,500. A one-time fee of $575 is due upon registration.

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    Dive deep and Read how Acton Academy got its start.

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    Please complete our online application.

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  • Owner Response

    We will email you the next steps after receiving your completed online form. It will be one of three options:

    A) An invitation to schedule a Meet and Greet/Trial Week Invitation

    B) An invitation to submit an Audition Video

    C) A denial to move forward in the process at that time.

  • Admissions Decision.

    Our Audition Committee will meet to discuss the trial week or video submission and reach out within 48 hours with the following:

    A) An invitation to register - Ensuring a fit between learners and families with Acton is essential. Each new family and learner are admitted on probation for one session.

    B) A denial to move forward at this time.


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