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100 Days From Today

Session 6 starts today, it’s our last session for the 2020-2021 school year. What a year it’s been! Starting in September not knowing if we would get to be in-person, deciding we would be an “outside school” for the first half of the year so we could safely be together, then wildfires and poor air quality kept us home more than anything else, a surprise rainstorm the night before our last day outside before the holiday break soaking and ruining a lot of our work, books, journals, Greek God clay sculptures, then moving into a new studio over the holidays, it was A LOT and it all led to today. It’s a good day.

We started our school year off with 6 Eagles and are ending our year with a wonderful 10, in a beautiful studio, on a huge piece of property where the learners can play, climb trees, swing from tree branches, create, run, and grow together. Seth Godin, one of my heroes reminded me the other day while reading his BLOG that April 10th was the 100th day of 2021. He asked at the beginning of his message, “What do you want to be doing 100 days from now?” 

That question first led me to check the calendar to see what date the 200th day of 2021 lands on (July 19, if you are curious), second it led me to start thinking deeply. 100 days zip by AND so much can happen at the same time! 100 days ago we moved in and started our 4th session in our new studio with lots of excitement and hope for our future!

I asked the Eagles today, “What do you want to be doing 100 days from now?” Some of their answers are below: 

“A volunteer at an animal place to show people and help them get more interested in the animals.” - 8-year-old Eagle

“An expert horserider.” - 7-year-old Eagle

“Skydiving in another country, where laws are not so tight.” - 9-year-old Eagle
“Sitting home playing with my dogs.” - 11-year-old Eagle

“Retired and learning a lot of Japanese.” - 9-year-old Eagle

“Expert dancer.” - 8-year-old Eagle

The answers were simple AND told us so much about the Eagle. Just like 100 days is a relatively short amount of time AND so much can happen.

Now you get to share. Please comment and share what you would like to be doing 100 days from now.

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