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Lightbulb Blessings

One of my next great adventures, blogging! Welcome, thank you for joining me on the ride. 

I used to define myself as a teacher, in all senses of the word. I lived to teach, to help others learn. In the classroom, at church, at home, in a store, on a floor, in a box, on a rock (my short ode to Dr. Seuss)! I often told people that was why I was on the planet...to teach. Seeing people learn brings me deep joy! When I get to observe one struggle, try, fail, try again, then have a light-bulb moment - it feels like a blessing from the heavens! It’s a scene I can relive over and over. 

As a Guide and Head of School, at Acton Academy Concord, I get to see this happen exponentially more than when I was in a public school classroom. You see, in a studio where learners get to learn at their pace, at their level, deep dive into hands-on projects, challenges, and quests, all while being responsible for themselves and their community, there is an opportunity for A LOT of lightbulb moments (and not just for the learners, but for me too). 

I had a light-bulb moment today when the Eagles basically reminded me to back up, then back up some more, because they have things under control, it just may not look like it to an adult. 

Tomorrow, our studio will be running just that much more by the Eagles. Our young humans have very clever ways to handle “situations” and I do not need to step in. I get to see their light-bulb moments as they navigate this piece of their world with confidence, failures, and victories. I am indeed blessed. 

Our goal, a full day 100% run by the Eagles. We are about 60% there! 

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