What do I do now?

What is Acton Academy?

Montessori? Unschooling? What do your “students” do all day?

Imagine this; you are gifted with six hours of free time to learn

You get to choose: what, how, when, and publication style.

Will it be: piano, argument terminology, hippology, crystallography, entomology, computer science? 
How will you learn: reading books, Google research, mentoring, watching videos, or a combination?
When will you learn: six hours straight, 3 hours in the morning, then 3 more after lunch, one hour six days in a row? 

You get to choose! 
Will you share your new knowledge in an oral presentation, social media posts, a slide show, a typed report, will you build a model, take an interested group on a tour or field trip and act as a guide? 

You get to choose! Does this sound exciting? Would the reality of this news energize you? 

This is an example of what we do at Acton Academy Concord.

Hi, I'm Jana Pappas. 👋

I'm Head of Learning Center at Acton Academy Concord

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